A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far, far away, a movie was made that

inspired an epic hairstyle—the Princess Leia. Two trilogies and almost

four decades later, we’re still getting beauty inspo from the women of

Star Wars. In celebration of the new film The Force Awakens, out this

December, CoverGirl is releasing a limited-edition collection of makeup

that begs the question: Are you on the light side or the dark side?



CoverGirl-Star-Wars-7-08132015  star-wars-cover-girl-makeup-03



isadresscode-gwen-stefani-16Don’t speak actually speaks volume. Have you ever really listened? Try to hear what one is saying instead of thinking about what you want to say the entire time they are speaking. Sometimes people need a person to just listen. You could actually learn from what a person is experiencing and what they might be going through. At the least you could be a shoulder for them to lean on in the time of need. I am learning to listen in life. I want to hear because i have been so excited about life and my experiences I forget to actually listen. Don’t get me wrong, there are those people that you just want to tell shut up to because they have no common sense or they just plain don’t know what the hell they are talking about and at that point you need to bow out with a smile. Your job as a listener is to listen, you don’t have to have an opinion and sometimes it can get lengthy but just listen and give good positive feedback. I mean because if your there being a “listener” you might as well go the distance and respond in a positive matter (just keep it short and sweet).

Another matter on this subject that I feel passionate about is listening to our children. As they grow up they talk a lot and most of the times as parents we learn how to tune them out. We are pretty good at it as well. I say sit down and have a few conversations with your children a day. I mean as your helping them get ready in the morning talk to them and teach them the meaning of back and forth conversation. They need to know they can talk to you. They are not here to be seen and not heard. I heard that my whole life and I never understood that as a parent myself. I immediately taught my kids “good morning sunshine” quote every morning. I wanted to start the day off on the right track with a hug and conversation. My children were very lovable (we called it lubbies). Now on the days we were late it was panic until we got into the car but even then I would talk to them on the way and make sure they had a good day at school. As they got older there were always those touchy days with them developing their own personalities but I encouraged them to use their words and one thing they always knew was they could come to me and I would listen. It still surprises me to this day (as they are teenagers and almost all over 18) that they tell me so much of their life. I would of never told my parents 90% of what my kids tell me.

While this may be the last example of listening I feel its just as important when it comes to the content in which we are talking about. There have been many times in my life I have been around the wrong people and chose to keep my mouth shut and listen because they are long timers or family, etc. I never realized the importance of having positive uplifting circle. Your only going to grow if you’re listening to the right people in life. Feels good to make that statement because its a wake up call and a relief when you finally realize. You do not have to listen to everything and in that case its your best judgement is to speak and have them listen. You have to have boundaries.

I am amazed at the people I have in my life who are great mentors who speak to me, and people in my life who are listeners. I appreciate you all.

Thank you for stopping in and have a great day…





I have to tell you that I was most excited last night when my man took me to Sephora just to buy this for me 🙂 He supports my makeup addiction and I’d like to publicly thank him for the support (lol). I was so EXCITED that i went home and immediately started playing with it.  I removed all my makeup and decided at 9pm I was going to create a blue smokey eye and thinking outside the box I did. I found the shadows to be VERY soft and nice to blend. I did struggle with the transitional shade a bit. Usually i can go right in but the palette lacked an in between transition shade from combust to whiskey. I needed a warm shade in between these but hey who cares, I have a million transition shades. I jumped in starting with “Combust” and then with “Whiskey” to warm it up. I dove into the shade “Dagger” to darken it up in the outer V, then blend, blend, blend back and forth to fade it out. Added a tad bit more of “Whiskey” just above the crease to blend out. On the lid toward outer V i packed “Slanted” and my inner lid I packed “High” which is my favorite in the palette. I also went back in forth with a clean blending brush to really smoke out the look. I was blown away at how quick this look came together. It was bringing out a dark side to me. I don’t know if I was excited or if I was feeling more dangerous but it had a adverse effect in a creative way. All I know is i was enjoying myself and in a creative mode. I used my urban decay “Binge” eyeliner on my waterline with Rimmel liquid liner for my wing liner. I also smoked out the lower lash line with “Radar” in the palette. After finishing the rest of my makeup I found it in me to take some shots for Instagram and here are the results. I am super happy with this palette as well as created another look this morning but kept this look more neutral and everyday because I was going to work. Thank you for taking the time to stop by 🙂

Lovenmeee / Lovenyou

Letting Go…

beautiful woman enjoy in meadow

Feeling so inspired and so much joy in my heart. I love you all and i’m ready to continue to do better and better with life. I don’t have it down but I know i will never have a total grip on life. It will always send curve balls, negative outlooks and people with high expectations of what you should be doing… but with all that I have learned how to let it go and I feel great. You don’t realize how letting go makes you feel. You don’t have to control everything and your not suppose too… your suppose to be living, learning, making mistakes, loving and forgiving (not in this order and when your ready). What I have learned is working on letting go helps with stress and gives you a longer life to begin to do all these things a lil bit better. We are not perfect… love that about yourself…

Lovenmeee – Lovenyou

Working on Yourself


There is something sweet about learning who you are and working on self. Like a flower blooming or a butterfly breaking out of a cocoon, its new and fresh who you can become. There are so many ways to grow and so may times in your life that will require you to do so. Sometimes its a bit difficult to know when is the right time to do this as you are forced into it at times with circumstances that happen.

You ever just realize your just mad and don’t know WHY? Or mad at everyone all the time? Most likely your dealing with yourself compromising everything and unable to still have things the way you want them. You may not have taken the time to get to know yourself. Yes, I said it! Many times in our life we have changed and didn’t even know it. We have given everything we can to others and have nothing left for ourselves and we are all irritable over it. I learned to incorporate time for myself called “ME TIME” and it has worked wonders. Even if its just an hour a day of things that are dedicated to me. I learned quickly and started taking more time than that. I usually will take a day to myself every two weeks to just be out and about doing me. Whether its shopping, reading at a park or just being at my own pace doing what ever I choose to.

Another thing I noticed was when working on yourself is scale back your intake of negativity, social media and events you are invited to. Remember your trying to focus on yourself for a change. Take the break and i promise it will all be there when you come back around a happier person. I’m not saying be a hermit but just scale back a little to leave plenty of room for you focusing on you.

Last thing I want to mention how people may not take kindly to change. You will notice all the people you usually serve or help may get a little bent out of shape. LET THEM. This is your time and explain you are doing this to better yourself and encourage them to do the same. Stay the course. You want lots of positivity in your life through people, inspiration, reading and in taking goodness. Remember you are depleted and its a good time to fill up with positivity.

Cheers to a new you 🙂



Naked Smoky Palette (anticipated July 8th)

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette
  • High (New)
  • Dirtysweet (New)
  • Radar Metallic brown shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter (Vice 2)
  • Armor Metallic dove grey with silver micro-glitter shimmer finish (Vice)
  • Slanted (New)
  • Dagger (New)
  • Black Market Jet black satin (Vice)
  • Smolder (New)
  • Password (New)
  • Whiskey (New)
  • Combust (New)
  • Thirteen (New)
  • Dual-Ended Pencil/Crease Brush

Urban Decay New Eyeshadows (Solstice & Cosmic)

These new Urban Decay moon dust eyeshadows are very shiny and pigmented. I love them! The one downside is how the glitter spreads during the day to the face but all in all it’s not enough to make me stop using. I especially like these two above… They make a gorgeous smokey “night on the town” look. Solstice/Cosmic