I  anticipated the greater love i would have for you but never imagined how you would rule my heart. Since the very second you were born i realized there was nothing i wouldn’t do for you. You filled the place in my heart that i thought no other could. I can honestly say you are the greatest gift I have ever received.

Now I know your mom, auntie, and uncles know their position being second best (doesn’t mean I don’t love them – I DO) but you are my prince…

You rule my heart and my whole world right now. I am so excited about our future together and knowing I didn’t have a grandparent to go to in my life, i will uphold this honor. 12800271_986246501429191_2850071914655770983_n

I will love you like no other, teach you everything, be you confidant, be loyal, let you eat things your not suppose to and make sure i do the best I can to make you the most amazing person possible.

I am in pursuit of making you as happy as you have made me.

Thank you for giving me this kind of love Elias 🙂