When i  wake up I choose to take on my day. Set the stage for how your day will be instead of the negative thoughts determining how your day will be.  I’m interested in making my day the best it can be so I look for the beauty in the day every chance I get.

I start with a regular routine in the morning of looking my best so I can feel my best. From taking time to moisturizing to picking out my mood outfit of the day, it all is an effort in making it the day you want it to be. If your hair, makeup and outfit is feeling great there is a chance your mind is already feeling great.

You also could drink water and eat in the morning to inspire. Don’t eat something that is going to slow you down or put sludge in your tank. Eat healthy and take your vitamins while you’re at it. All of this is an effort to set the stage for your day.

One last thing to watch out for in your day is negativity. Make it a point to treat that as a shove to the left or right and keep it moving. Line-backer it up and redirect all the negativity so you can stay making your day the best it can be. I make my days, i don’t let them make me… You go ahead and have yourself the best day you can. Make it your day now…

Beautiful life if you want it,