Something I’ve been thinking about is happiness. What makes you happy? I had to learn the hard way when i was younger. I thought people, religion, boyfriend, friends things or places made me happy. In growing, I learned YOU make you happy. The only way to b truly happy is to work on yourself. Work on who you are, who you want to be and what you want to do in life. What will be your legacy? How will people remember you? Its not easy to start to venture into your inside self. Its very personal. You really get to see inside and all the past and what it has made you. You will find things you dont like and start to understand different things about you. Some may not be nice but if you can get through the not so nice, you can start to find all the great things about yourself and focus on that. This ends up pushing you into a more motivated individual. You start to really focus.

Then… you bloom, develop into strength and something to be proud of 🙂