Giving a smile is contagious. You can be in a bad mood but if you smile enough and get smiles in return it will change your perspective eventually. I love smiling and getting them in return. It is so awesome to see a generous smile out and about when you going about your day and don’t expect it. So if you think about how awesome this is, then you should want to do this yourself

An example of how smiles can make a day… I put this sign up at work (my niece) and people actually look forward to my smile. My sign with this picture says “FREE SMILES accepted and given daily”  I’ve had visiting customers and employees from all over the world see this sign, take a picture of it and comment how it made their day. I get excited that people look forward to this sign.CLA_Kids_1

You know never know what someone is going through in their life but guaranteed that a smile could help more than you could imagine. People get so caught up in their phones and with everything they have to do that they miss so many chances to interact with people in general. A smile, when genuine, can make such a difference in your everyday life (personally and professionally).

I have also had incidents where smiles can give me more than what I bargained for. I’m thinking because the world is not use to actual personal interaction as much as we use to be before technology so sometimes people mistake your genuine smile. I have had many men and women captivated by genuine smiles of mine and take it the wrong way too. I just simply clarify that I’m just in a great mood and wanted to share my positive smile.

So share a smile today… you could be the reason they smile and so on…