Can you see your goals? Can you see them even when there are obstacles? Most of the time when you are focused on something you are trying to accomplish, so many things seem to interfere. I’ve had this happen to me so many times and it can be quit frustrating. What I learned was to vision a scene like this picture. Your goal is the road ahead and there are many stop lights, dips in the road, things on the side distracting you and sometimes accidents that stop you dead in your tracks. The thing to focus on is the goal (road ahead). It is still there and you are still able to go forward but you have to prioritize. You can handle everything along the way. No reward is without struggle along the way and even so it makes for a sweeter victory. Stay focused, at all times, even when there are things closing in on you. Like this road, it will get dark and again you will have bright beautiful sunshine by morning.

Lovenmeee / Lovenyou