isadresscode-gwen-stefani-16Don’t speak actually speaks volume. Have you ever really listened? Try to hear what one is saying instead of thinking about what you want to say the entire time they are speaking. Sometimes people need a person to just listen. You could actually learn from what a person is experiencing and what they might be going through. At the least you could be a shoulder for them to lean on in the time of need. I am learning to listen in life. I want to hear because i have been so excited about life and my experiences I forget to actually listen. Don’t get me wrong, there are those people that you just want to tell shut up to because they have no common sense or they just plain don’t know what the hell they are talking about and at that point you need to bow out with a smile. Your job as a listener is to listen, you don’t have to have an opinion and sometimes it can get lengthy but just listen and give good positive feedback. I mean because if your there being a “listener” you might as well go the distance and respond in a positive matter (just keep it short and sweet).

Another matter on this subject that I feel passionate about is listening to our children. As they grow up they talk a lot and most of the times as parents we learn how to tune them out. We are pretty good at it as well. I say sit down and have a few conversations with your children a day. I mean as your helping them get ready in the morning talk to them and teach them the meaning of back and forth conversation. They need to know they can talk to you. They are not here to be seen and not heard. I heard that my whole life and I never understood that as a parent myself. I immediately taught my kids “good morning sunshine” quote every morning. I wanted to start the day off on the right track with a hug and conversation. My children were very lovable (we called it lubbies). Now on the days we were late it was panic until we got into the car but even then I would talk to them on the way and make sure they had a good day at school. As they got older there were always those touchy days with them developing their own personalities but I encouraged them to use their words and one thing they always knew was they could come to me and I would listen. It still surprises me to this day (as they are teenagers and almost all over 18) that they tell me so much of their life. I would of never told my parents 90% of what my kids tell me.

While this may be the last example of listening I feel its just as important when it comes to the content in which we are talking about. There have been many times in my life I have been around the wrong people and chose to keep my mouth shut and listen because they are long timers or family, etc. I never realized the importance of having positive uplifting circle. Your only going to grow if you’re listening to the right people in life. Feels good to make that statement because its a wake up call and a relief when you finally realize. You do not have to listen to everything and in that case its your best judgement is to speak and have them listen. You have to have boundaries.

I am amazed at the people I have in my life who are great mentors who speak to me, and people in my life who are listeners. I appreciate you all.

Thank you for stopping in and have a great day…