I have to tell you that I was most excited last night when my man took me to Sephora just to buy this for me 🙂 He supports my makeup addiction and I’d like to publicly thank him for the support (lol). I was so EXCITED that i went home and immediately started playing with it.  I removed all my makeup and decided at 9pm I was going to create a blue smokey eye and thinking outside the box I did. I found the shadows to be VERY soft and nice to blend. I did struggle with the transitional shade a bit. Usually i can go right in but the palette lacked an in between transition shade from combust to whiskey. I needed a warm shade in between these but hey who cares, I have a million transition shades. I jumped in starting with “Combust” and then with “Whiskey” to warm it up. I dove into the shade “Dagger” to darken it up in the outer V, then blend, blend, blend back and forth to fade it out. Added a tad bit more of “Whiskey” just above the crease to blend out. On the lid toward outer V i packed “Slanted” and my inner lid I packed “High” which is my favorite in the palette. I also went back in forth with a clean blending brush to really smoke out the look. I was blown away at how quick this look came together. It was bringing out a dark side to me. I don’t know if I was excited or if I was feeling more dangerous but it had a adverse effect in a creative way. All I know is i was enjoying myself and in a creative mode. I used my urban decay “Binge” eyeliner on my waterline with Rimmel liquid liner for my wing liner. I also smoked out the lower lash line with “Radar” in the palette. After finishing the rest of my makeup I found it in me to take some shots for Instagram and here are the results. I am super happy with this palette as well as created another look this morning but kept this look more neutral and everyday because I was going to work. Thank you for taking the time to stop by 🙂

Lovenmeee / Lovenyou