There is something sweet about learning who you are and working on self. Like a flower blooming or a butterfly breaking out of a cocoon, its new and fresh who you can become. There are so many ways to grow and so may times in your life that will require you to do so. Sometimes its a bit difficult to know when is the right time to do this as you are forced into it at times with circumstances that happen.

You ever just realize your just mad and don’t know WHY? Or mad at everyone all the time? Most likely your dealing with yourself compromising everything and unable to still have things the way you want them. You may not have taken the time to get to know yourself. Yes, I said it! Many times in our life we have changed and didn’t even know it. We have given everything we can to others and have nothing left for ourselves and we are all irritable over it. I learned to incorporate time for myself called “ME TIME” and it has worked wonders. Even if its just an hour a day of things that are dedicated to me. I learned quickly and started taking more time than that. I usually will take a day to myself every two weeks to just be out and about doing me. Whether its shopping, reading at a park or just being at my own pace doing what ever I choose to.

Another thing I noticed was when working on yourself is scale back your intake of negativity, social media and events you are invited to. Remember your trying to focus on yourself for a change. Take the break and i promise it will all be there when you come back around a happier person. I’m not saying be a hermit but just scale back a little to leave plenty of room for you focusing on you.

Last thing I want to mention how people may not take kindly to change. You will notice all the people you usually serve or help may get a little bent out of shape. LET THEM. This is your time and explain you are doing this to better yourself and encourage them to do the same. Stay the course. You want lots of positivity in your life through people, inspiration, reading and in taking goodness. Remember you are depleted and its a good time to fill up with positivity.

Cheers to a new you 🙂